I was born in Nashville, TN into a musical family. started playing guitar when I was four years old. Soon I was playing in the family band, and constantly asking my uncle to show me how to play Beatles songs. I quickly began attempting to play every instrument I could get my hands on. Eventually I added banjo, mandolin, trumpet, lap steel/dobro, and harmonica to my arsenal. I own an accordion, but you don't want to know about that.

In my teens I began playing at church, coffee shops, and the downtown bars and honky tonks in my hometown. Seeing players like Redd Volkaert, Brent Mason, and Kenny Vaughan up close at such a young age was equally humbling and inspiring. The honky tonks led to regional tours and a love/hate relationship with vans. 

In 2005 I was invited to join Grammy nominated, eleven time ICM vocal group of the year The Fox Brothers on tour. The brothers liked that i could play a lot of different things and graciously feautured that every night. This included a solo trumpet performance of "Amazing Grace" that brought the crowd to their feet on most occasions. 

After touring for several years with the Foxes, I went on to play on the road and in the studio with such artists as Big Kenny (Big & Rich,) Wynonna, Chase Rice, Don Gallardo, Cale Tyson, Kelsey Waldon, Kink Ador, Janelle and the Gentleman, Kaylyn Scardefield, Bobby McGrath, Harold Allen, Birdcloud, Maureen Murphy, Meghan Linsey, most recently Ashley McBryde just to name just a few.

Somewhere along the line I found my own voice on the guitar. I embraced my love of noise, fuzz, delay, open tunings, and general mischief. There's no turning back now. I still play it safe every now and then, but if I'm known for anything these days it's weird guitars, and lots of sounds. This even got me a Grammy nomination!

As of September 2018 I'm playing guitar for the incomparable Ian Noe, and we tour A LOT. When I’m home I do sessions, random shows, and work on a couple of solo projects as well. I'm always up for new gigs. If you want me involved in something just drop me a line.

Photographer: Roaring Frog Photography