While my collection of instruments, amps, and pedal is always growing, here are the main staples. Pictures will be added ASAP.


1972 Fender Telecaster Thinline (The original one. Purchased for my Dad by my Grandpa.)

1978 Epiphone Sheraton (A sweet little "poorman's 335" that I traded a mandolin for. I got the better end of that deal.)

"The Hedgehog" Tele-style Partscaster (Affectionately named for the man whose signature is on the headstock, this little blue meanie was a labor of love. Musikraft neck, Joe Barden pickups, Glendale bridge and saddles.)

1960'S Wandre Tri-Lam (It belonged to Marc Ribot, it's wacky, has an aluminum neck, and I love it. My current number one)

2017 Fender Jazzmaster Modified to it's current form by the one and only Tim Shaw. This thing is a monster of a guitar.

2016 Swope Geronimo Built by my dear friend Chris Swope. This thing is out of this world. Not a Fender clone. It's all original.

2018 Fender EOB Stratocaster I can't tell you how much I love this guitar. It's just perfect for all the weird shit I like to play.

All of my instruments are strung with D'addario. They're the best out there.


2000 Vox AC-30 Reissue (The first real amp I ever bought.)

Keck Amps Tweed Deluxe (Larry Carlton, Neil Young, and I play them. We have that in common.)

2018 Fender '57 Deluxe I like things in pairs I guess.

1940s Newcomb PA Amp Converted to a guitar amp. It's a great sounding head that I can throw in a backpack if I need to fly with it.

1977 Peavey "Vintage" (A weird Craigslist find. It's LOUD and clean sounding.)


1970s Aria Banjo An old Mastertone copy that I inherited from my Dad.

1960s Harmony Lap Steel Found it at a small music store in west TN. It's cheap, nasty, and perfect.

1990s Regal Dobro  A squareneck beauty with a K7K pickup. It's seen many a bluegrass jam.


 While I'm constantly rotating things in and out of the pedalboard a few favorites are as follows:

Paul C. "Tim" overdrive, Nobels ODR-1 (OG rehoused by XActTone,) Dunlop Volume (X) Pedal, Digitech Supernatural Reverb, Behringer Ultra Vibrato (seriously,) Pigtronix Echolution PHI, ThroBak Overdrive Boost, Electro-Harmonix POG

Pictures and more coming soon...